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Tuesday, June 20, 2006



I'm with you on this one! Bob Ciaffone is doing some good work, you sgould check him out. I have started a mail/e-mail campaign. Everytime I write in I include "I AM AN ADULT AND I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU TREATED ME LIKE ONE!". I don't know if it does any good but it sure seems to get there attention. I plan on getting a T-shirt done for the Blogger Tournement at Caesars. If you havent heard we are sharing the room with Republicans raising money for our Republican gubernatorial candidates. It should be fun. Hope to see you there.


WHAT law?? Put up a link so we can read the stupid thing.
I wasn't aware that anyone could control blog topics. Gee let's control what people TALK about, but let's NOT patrol what people can LOOK at. (ie illegal and disgusting things like kiddie porn). DUH

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